With great humour, personality, problem management skills and organisation, Mr Higgs added the icing on the cake to our fantastic wedding.
Matthew and Katie King
Bride and Groom
James was extremely professional in all aspects of his role at our event - an essential investment for this years Ball.
Heritime House School
Anniversary Ball


History of Toastmasters

Toastmasters have been a traditional part of weddings, balls and formal events since the 18th century and they certainly add a touch of class and flair to your day. They also help to make the event run smoothly, often working very hard behind the scenes, as well as being at the 'front of house', so that you can enjoy the day, whilst they organise on your behalf.

The Victoria & Albert Museum has a reference to a Toastmaster's glass, circa 1730. It is about the size of an ordinary drinking glass but with only quarter of its capacity. The glass creates the illusion of being full. It owed its origin to the clubs of the 18th century, where the toastmaster never consumes alcohol when working.

The traditional uniform of a professional Toastmaster is a red tailcoat and black trousers. Underneath, they wear a white, starched dress shirt and winged collar and white bow tie.

Accessories include black, patent leather shoes, matching studs and cufflinks. A professional Toastmaster always carries two uniforms to a function just in case one of the waiting staff tips red wine down them. And naturally, a Toastmaster is never far from his trusty gavel with which to bring guests to order and herald announcements.


The Toastmaster will calmly and skillfully ensure any event is a truly memorable occasion. The hosts are thus free to relax, and relish every moment of their celebration.

Typically, for example at weddings, it is usual for the Toastmaster to greet the wedding car, and escort the happy couple into the reception venue. They will also make sure that the caterers are ready to hand out drinks and serve food. They will co-ordinate the photographer, videographer and musicians.

A Toastmaster will familiarise himself with the table plan and names of guest and advise on any protocol, for example, if there's to be a receiving line. They will also introduce guests and speakers, acting as a compere for the after dinner section of a wedding.

The involvement of a Toastmaster can make a great deal if difference on your special day. A day when arrangements should run smoothly, but without the presence of a professional overseer, sometimes (unhappily) may not!

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